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        It was cold snowy days of Dec. 99 and I was searching some of the message boards to finish my project. I found some message boards suitable for my programming language and soon I discovered that there are many Christian boards too. Once when I went to a Christian message board, my attention was drawn by a tiny word, "Koran". I could not resist myself to open that message. It was an invitation to join Islam. This was my first encounter with any Muslim in the Message Boards.

When I visited several Muslim Message Boards and forums, I found that not only the Bible verses were being misquoted but they have also been broken in pieces and used to prove their points. When I went through message after message, I felt very sorry and my heart sank. At first I thought that they may be right because the verses looked as real Bible verses which I read every day. But when I opened my Bible, I found it very much deceiving and misleading as they changed the verses in such a way that the wordings appeared to be almost same as in the bible. So if a person does not compare the Bible with these verses they are bound to be trapped easily.

God gave me a burning passion to do something. And the result is this book. In the following pages you will read about Jesus - how and why Jesus is God. It is a comparative study of the Quran and the Bible.

As you go through these pages, it is my sincere prayer that God may show you the truth.



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