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Sherly Isaac was born and raised in a Christian family in India. She was brought up under strict discipline, as her parents themselves were very strict regarding religious formalities. They insisted on her going to church every Sunday, reading the Bible daily and praying every day.

But she wasn't good in her studies. She even struggled to get passing marks in her exams. Not only that, her home was a broken home. They always fought with one another. It was such a hell that it is very difficult to explain in words. She was totally broken, dejected and had no hope in her life. She wondered whether any good thing would ever happen in her life.

During her school days, almost every day, she wished that it might turn out to be the last day of her life and that the evening might not come so that she need not to return home. How her soul longed to meet with some accident and die! But it never happened. Many a time, she thought of committing suicide. But whenever she thought about it, a great fear came and she left that idea. She had no interest to live in this world.

Meanwhile, something happened in her legs and doctors could not figure out what the problem was. She was unable to walk due to terrible pain in her legs. She was hardly able to even move from her bed. Doctors gave her double doses of the painkiller, but it never helped her. Only the misery intensified.
Then one day she heard a Christian radio program in which the preacher said, "If you die today, would you go to heaven? If you are not sure about going to heaven, repent from your sins and invite Jesus in your life. And He will forgive all your sins and give you assurance of heaven."

She prayed the sinners' prayer with him (Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, please forgive all my sins and wash me with your precious blood. Please give me assurance of heaven that if I die today, I may reach heaven.) As soon as she prayed this prayer from the bottom of her heart, a great peace came into her life. Though her circumstances did not change immediately, still she got great peace and joy in her heart.

She started feeling as if all the miserable conditions had left her. In due course, her family members also accepted Jesus in their lives, and their lives started changing. Her home became a sweet home. God removed all the bitterness from their hearts and helped them to love each other. Not only that, God exalted her in her studies. She took many exams after that and passed all, with flying colors. God also healed her completely... Her life was not miserable any longer. God has blessed her and her family members.

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