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Testimony of Paul Siniraj Mohamed

I was born and brought up in an ancient and orthodox Muslim family named Kochera House at Kalloor in Trivandrum, South India. My ancestors are known as "Labbas", a traditional name of our community and it means “Father”. (Syrian Christians also use the word “Labo” or “Aboon” which means “Father).

My father Janab Kassim Pillai Labba was born on 1911. He is a retired Headmaster. His Father Pakeeru Meetheen Pillai Labba (1872-1944) was a teacher and commonly known as Pakeer Vadhyar. The Father of Pakeeru Vadhyar was called as Mayyadeen Pillai Labba (1822-1884). Mayyadeen Pillai Labba was the son of Ninar Pillai Labba (1767-1843). Ninar Pillai Labba’s Father was Somu Labba (1712-1785).

My Mother Beegum Fatima Beevi is the daughter of Picha Labba (1885-1973) of Kochiramathu House was also a great religious scholar.

I have two sisters, Beegum Souda Beevi, wife of Mr. Ibrahim Kunju, a retired engineer; and Beegum Safiya Beevi, wife of Haji Abdul Majeed, a landlord. Both have three children each and they also well settled and got married.

I have an elder Brother, Mr. Thajudeen Pillai, who is one of the topmost officials of the Govt. of India service. His wife Mrs. Subaida Beevi is an officer of the Kerala University. They have two children. One is Dr. Bijin Thaj, house surgeon, also a PG student of medicine. Another is Miss. Shabnam, an engineering student.

My younger brother Mr.Abdul Kalam, is also an officer of the GIC under Govt. of India. His wife Mrs. Shemim is a higher secondary teacher. Nisiya of ten years old girl and Arif Mohamed of seven years old boy are their children.

My wife Mercy is the daughter of Mr & Mrs. Kuruvilla of Parangottu house, Kodimatha, Kottayam were the members of Roman Catholic Church. Our marriage was an arranged one and blessed by the Catholicos of the Indian Orthodox Church. She is a born again woman, helping me the evangelistic, social and charitable works.
We have three children. Besly Ciniraj of eleven years old is the elder son. Hepzy Ciniraj of ten years old is the daughter and Lesly Ciniraj of six years old is the younger son.

And there is no Christians in my birthplace and I never heard about Jesus as a Redeemer, but as a prophet. While I was studying in the university, I was addicted on drugs and alcohol and became one among of those who did streaking in the capital city. It was a shock to everybody at home. I felt rejection from everybody and lost peace. I wanted to commit suicide. Some godly man told that Jesus is the Prince of Peace, and everliving Saviour who gave His life as a ransom for us. He gave some tracts also. I became violent and wanted to beat him. At the same night I had a great experience with Christ. By the Spirit of Lord I realise Jesus took away all my sins and uneasiness and gave me eternal life and everlasting Peace. I accepted Him as my personal Saviour on 10th October, 1975.

Praise God! 10th of October, 2000 is the silver jubilee of my Christian life. Persecutions began from the community and very many times they wanted to wipe me out. But whosoever tortured me, are slowly coming to Christ. Now my parents also secret believers of Christ.

I have a deep burden about those who go astray. So God has given me the Power of Holy Spirit and I began to preach. By Gods grace I have already preached Gospel before thousands of crowds under the Catholic, Orthodox & Jacobite, Marthoma, CSI & CNI, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Salvation Army and Pentecostal Churches by this time. Preaching the Word of God, using the gift of healing, counselling, sharing the testimony are the part of my preaching ministry.

I have established and registered a Mission called “SALEM VOICE”. ‘IMAM Gospel and Charities (Injil Ministries Alliance Mission)’ to spread Gospel among Muslims, ‘Worldwide Interceding and Fasting Circle’ for those who are in need of prayers and growing into the spiritual life, ‘Baseelia Books’ for publishing books and literature, ‘Baseelia Creations’ to make Christian telefilms and documentaries, Bible correspondance course, conducting fellowships are some projects of Salem Voice. A monthly prayer bulletin called “Salem Voice” also publishing since last three years. All these works we do by faith alone. We look unto God for our needs.

My address: Paul Siniraj,
Salem Voice, Baseelia,
Devalokam (P.O), Kottayam,
Phone: 0091 481 573532
Kerala, INDIA-686038

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