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1.Zakir Naik - 22 mistakes in Bible refuted -1 Zakir Naik thinks God of Bible can't create in 6, 24 Hrs days. He simply doesn't know who the God of Bible is. Allah (god of Quran) can't have a son without consort (wife)...
2.Zakir Naik - 22 mistakes in Bible refuted -2 Earth created before sun? False, Vegetation created before sun? Zakir Naik doesn't know that vegetation is not dependant on sun light. People grow vegetables in fluorescent light too.
3.Zakir Naik - 22 mistakes in Bible refuted -3 Earth will perish or not? Earth will not perish but it will abide forever. Bible doesn't say that Earth will perish. Earth has pillars? Heaven has pillars? Pillars means support. Earth is supported by gravitational force so it has NO ERROR.
4.Was Adam son of God - as muslims claim? In Bible Adam was Never son of God. Actually you heard that lie from Zakir Naik who doesn't know how to read Luke 3:23.
5.Yusuf Estes' conversion - A misstep Estes says, "So I went upstairs and took a shower." Taking shower or bath can't wash away sin. Hindus do the same thing and it doesn't change the sinful heart. Allah doesn't give salvation.
6.Quran had 7 versions Quran was revealed to Mohamed in 7 different versions. Out of 7 versions Six versions were burnt. The people who had memorized Koran died in battle and original Quran was lost.
7.Answering Shabir Ally - God Died for our sins - Refuted First of all Shabir Ally didn't know that Allah (god of Quran) NEVER sent Jesus to die on the cross. God the Father sent Jesus on this earth to pay the penalty for sin.
8.Reading Disorder of Muslim Scholars - 1 (mustard seed) No one knows how the seeds looked like of said Mustard tree. So making assumptions is just stupidity in Muslim scholar's part.

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